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Hume & Associates LLC (“H&A”) is an international trade-consulting firm that advises clients about challenges and opportunities affecting their business interests. H&A prepares studies on international trade issues and offers advice on strategies for companies engaging in, or impacted by, international trade.

Robert T. “Ted” Hume, Principal


Robert Hume advises from fifty years of experience as an international trade lawyer. He is a graduate of Yale University (BA Economics), Georgetown University (MA Economics), and American University’s Washington College of Law (JD). He worked for eight years in the Treasury’s Office of Tariff and Trade Affairs and the Office of the General Counsel. He became Deputy General Counsel in the US Trade Representative’s Office and then International Trade Counsel for Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas. His law practice specialized in antidumping and countervailing duty laws. He is now retired and writes from Taos, New Mexico.


International strategist with extensive expertise in business development and project management for technology and non-technology industries, government and private sectors. Demonstrated strengths include:

  • Globalization
  • International Trade
  • Antidumping Law & Practice
  • Import/Export Trade Law
  • Strategic Planning
  • International Dispute Resolution
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Lobbying & Advocacy

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Discover the incestuous relationship between government agencies and law firms and how money controls legal decisions.

Hume looks back on decades of assessing import duties on “dumped” imports. One case in particular involves small New Mexico garlic farmers. In 2016 the Los Angeles Business Journal exposed the roles of the parties involved in the case. In 2018, Netflix included this case in their series Rotten.

Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution grants Congress exclusive authority to regulate interstate and foreign commerce. The Commerce Department abuses its authority by promoting the interests of the politically connected rather than adhering to the statute.

The Supreme Court will soon decide whether to overrule its 1984 “Chevron deference” decision and will require Commerce and other federal agencies to adhere to Congressional mandates. AMAZON


Ted appears in Season 1, episode 3, ‘Garlic Breath’ of the Netflix series ROTTEN

Los Angeles Business Journal

Competitors Raise Stink Over Garlic
By Henry Meier Monday, April 11, 2016